Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Pilot Workshop May 19 from 8:00 am- Noon Bethany CRC, Bellflower, CA

Discuss Challenges faced by immigrants and the Church’s Response

Part 1: values and Relationships  

Group discussion on immigration and the challenges (including being undocumented) and opportunities that are present in your community.

part 2: Immigration Storyline

When has the U.S. welcomed immigrants? When have we limited their entry?  Where does your family story land on the timeline?  What was your experience?

part 3: Immigration Law AND BiBlical Advocacy

Overview of the four doors people can pass through to work in the United States legally.  Description of why the current system results in struggle.  Ideas from the CRC on how Christians can respond.  


Open discussions in small rotating groups to share what’s been learned, ask new questions, dig deeper into scripture, discuss new insights, and make commitments to seek justice.   

SPONSORED BY: The CRC’s Southern CA Race Relations Team and the Office of Social Justice

What is your dream for the Church’s response? 

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