Immigration Resources

Books on Immigration:

Blogs about Immigration
  • America's Voice a national movement "The Power to Win Common Sense Immigration Reform"
  • Faith and Immigration from Sojourners' Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Initiative in Washington, DC
  • Immigration and Other Matters from Danny Carroll, author, Old Testament Professor at Denver Seminary
  • People Migrate is Glen Peterson's blog documenting a journey of faith and action
  •'s blog
  • Why I Fight is Bethany Anderson's blog that shares the stories of her friends and neighbors who are struggling through our current immigration system.

Film and video on Immigration:

  •  Urban Entry's UE4: “Send These” uses stories and interviews  from around the country - including a trip to Ellis Island - to introduce the topic of immigration and invite Christians to think through their response. The DVD includes extended Bible teaching from Danny Carroll, Denver Seminary, and other resources in over one hour of bonus materials. And, there are more resources from Urban Entry linked here.

    Educational Resources:
    Welcoming the Stranger is a resource from World Relief with Matthew Soerens and Jenny Huang Yang. They also link to a tool box with downloadable resources like PowerPoint presentations that Matt and Jenny have used. They generously allow us to use these for the benefit of our communities.