Friday, June 24, 2011

A journalist commits to asking the questions ...Let's talk.

What would you do to survive? What would you do to feed your child?

On Wednesday I heard something about this story and then a friend of mine sent me a text telling me I needed to read it. I am glad I did. Jose Antonio Vargas has selflessly gone public with his story this week in order to help many others. Jose was brought to the United States as a child without his consent or approval. He has done some amazing things. "'It's get exhausting,' he said. 'I came forward because I couldn't do it anymore. If I can't do it anymore imagine how many millions of other people out there can't do it anymore?" Vargas wrote his own story that was published in the New York Times: My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant. A more detailed story it to be published this Sunday in the New York Times.

Mr. Vargas has started a website to help tell his story, Define American.

NPR's Michele Norris interviews Vargas on All Things Considered this afternoon, Jose Antonio Vargas: 'If I Didn't Tell Those Lies ... I Couldn't Have Survived.''s Juliana Martinez has some comments about the story here, What Will You Do Now?

I repeat the question that Jose asks all of us: What will you do? Feel free to leave some comments.